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Cosmic Temple: Infinity 

Carved, Coiled, Terracotta,          Gas Fired, 1220°c 
Mumbai 2022

The Cosmic Temple: Infinity Contained; is a self-portrait in the form of a vase, exploring the human body as a gateway to the infinite flow of energy, that connects us to all existence.​

The vase is an inspired depiction of the Self through the Indian Goddess Manasa, the universal mother, covered with snakes (symbolic of the Kundalini, the energy channels in the body) with a lotus heart (abundance). Gods and goddesses have multiple hands and decorative adornments: attributes of an ideal personality; embodied in these archetypes.​


The form emerges: a container of the Cosmos, the Sun, the Moon: all within her. My body is this…the elements and expansive space. I am my own Temple! A Vessel, where the good, the bad, the mundane, are all Sacred.

Photography: Nirmal Jain

Video: Anant Jain, Anshul Pandey

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