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In Me, A Million Universes... Merge

Hand-built, glazed paper clay porcelain
Mumbai 2018

Going inwards’ is a series of meditative figures exploring the process of awareness of ‘The Self’ through internal thoughts and emotions; transforming them and merging the masculine and feminine, the yin and yang, to create a balanced self: the ardhanarishwar. It transcends into the perfect self, the the Formless...dissolving into the primordial energy. Elements of nature express themselves in meditative forms, as creepers in the heart, a seed sprouting into a leaf, a flower blossoming from the heart and finally the merging...and formlessness.  ​This work is the integration of duality through anatomical studies, impressions gathered from temple architecture, Buddhist and jain tantric art and my spiritual practices.

Photography: Nirmal Jain

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